More beta graphics


Here is another video, showing a bit more gameplay from the later missions.

In this one, you have to avoid colliding with the concrete blocks ( like I do at last – minus an impact explosion ), so apart from staying alive, and shooting all turrets, you also have to maneuver precisely. This is on normal difficulty. On hard the mazes are narrowed in, and on easy there is more room.

The thing missing completely from this beta, is the radio chatter from the spacestation Kuiper, wingmen, and my internal Betty. We are currently recording those, and postprocessing them.



One response to “More beta graphics

  • Sebastian Børløs

    Dav, Leif sagde at du har haft lavet et lille spil til iPhonen og godt kunne bruge en beta tester.

    Ser frem til at skyde nogle aliens, Hilsen Sebastian.

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