I give you: The moon

The moon isn’t made of green cheese. The moon is made of 12 tiles, and 12 craters.

I wanted the final missions in NighFlight to take place on the moon. I though it would add some extra atmosphere, and it would give the player 3 choices in the IAP versions. Also, some of those who played the first version, got stuck in some of the missions. With the new campaign structure, you can just switch to another campaign, and return later.

But back to the moon.

Basically, the moon is made of 12 tiles, but as the image contains shadows, I quickly realized that I couldn’t rotate the tiles ( as I did with the earth map ), and the map really didn’t look impressive. Another problem was, that in order to get the tiles to blend in, I had to remove all features near the edges, so on top of looking “constructed”, it also had a very distinct grid pattern.

Not very moonish.

So in stead of having 24 tiles ( as I have in the earth map ), I settled for 12, and converted the last 12 to “free craters”. The good thing about the craters is, that I can scale them, and place them anywhere I want. The entire map has 24 tiles on screen ( I know, really weird number and tile size ), and I then place 12-16 craters on top of that.

The craters are always placed ( with some randomness ), where tiles meet, to hide the tile-grid-pattern.


The result is ( if I may say so ), a very convincing moon. While you of cause can recognize some of the tiles, the superimposed craters in varying sizes, makes it almost impossible to see any pattern.


Release date is set for next week-end, after that I will go get seriously drunk.



Oh, and here is the tilemap.


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